Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice may arise through the negligence of doctors, nurses, or any other medical professional. Medical malpractice can occur when a health care provider causes harm to a patient either from treatment, or a lack of treatment, which departs safe and accepted medical care standards.  Almost half the medical malpractice trials are brought against surgeons, while a third are against non-surgeons.

Medical errors cost the economy $29 billion every year in excess medical expenses and lost productivity. Only one out of every eight patients who are seriously injured or killed by medical negligence ever files a lawsuit, and only one out of every 200 people admitted to a hospital died because of a hospital mistake.

Before a lawsuit is filed, NYC requires a thorough review of any and all relevant medical records. A knowledgeable physician with expertise in the specific medical practice areas should be consulted.

Medical Negligence. Medical or professional negligence or malpractice exists where there is proof a physician departed or deviated from accepted medical practices or standards. Such departures are often the cause or proximate cause of injury, harm, and loss for patients.

Medical malpractice litigation seeks to fairly and justly compensate the patient for all the harms and losses relative to, or caused by, professional negligence or medical malpractice. Furthermore, doctors and hospitals should be held accountable for their wrongful conduct, so as to prevent or deter the recurrence of similar unsafe practices and procedures. Your case could very well aid in the protection, promotion, and advancement of medical care procedures and practices which could help prevent others from suffering as you have suffered.

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