Construction Accidents

Construction work is dangerous. Every day some in the construction field suffers injuries or death due to construction site accidents. Despite the demanding and dangerous nature of construction work, safety is often overlooked in an effort to “get the job done”.

Despite the establishment of the Occupational Safety and Health Act in 1970, construction sites continue to be a constant source of accidents and injuries. The slightest injury, sprain, broken bone can keep you out of work for weeks, months, or years — even after healing. This can cause significant loss for you and your family from pain and suffering, and a loss of wages.

In the aftermath of an accident that has caused harm, it is essential to act quickly, to preserve key evidence, to file a claim, and ensure your legal rights. There are statutes of limitations that require legal action be taken in a timely manner.

If you have been injured in a construction accident, or someone you love has been harmed on-the-job, you need to talk with an attorney who will help you and your family get you the money you need for medical treatment, recover or compensate you for lost earnings, wages, and other expenses caused by your pain and suffering.

Worksite and construction accident lawsuits are complex and require knowledgeable, experienced legal assistance that understands how to examine evidence and prove liability. We’ve worked with union and non-union construction workers such as asbestos workers, carpenters, craft workers, crane operators, electricians, excavators, iron workers, laborers, masons, metal workers, operating engineers, painters, plumbers, pointers, roofers, sheetrock installers, and water proofers. We have extensive knowledge into how accidents happen, how they could and should have been avoided, and how debilitating an injury can be to you and your family.

The lawyers at Alan H. Figman, PLLC can determine why — had proper safety measures been taken — you wouldn’t have suffered an injury or loss. We’ll show why you wouldn’t be in the position you’re in now. Instead, you’d be working and earning a fruitful living. If we take on your case we will investigate, and we will fight to secure your legal rights. We will work with you to rebuild your life in the aftermath of an accident.

At Alan H. Figman, PLLC, we provide experienced representation for injured construction workers and their families. Call us at (800) 521-0838 to setup a free consultation at your home, hospital room, or our New York City offices. Let our experience work for you.